Shmee Finished The Sandman And Wept For There Was No More To Read!

Sandman Vol1

After what feels like quite some time, I have finished reading the mainline Sandman series from Vertigo, and like the title says I did cry a little.  For two reasons, one, it does come to an emotional end, and two, I really do wish that it went on.  Sure, sure Sandman Overture (the prequel series) is going on right now, and I will read it, but I want this story to continue to move forward.

I guess I can take solace in the fact that The Sandman was indeed one of the best comic book series I have ever read.  An opinion that I hear I am not alone in having.   The Sandman is just amazing from beginning to end.  Like most Neil Gaiman stories it does meander around from time to time, but even those sideways paths are excellent, and he does manage to bring it all together in the end.  I still stipulate that he writes the way I wish I could.

If you have the Hoopla app all of The Sandman books are now on it, and you should do yourself a favor and read them all right now.  I don’t care if you are at work or driving or whatever, they need your attention more then whatever else you are doing (well maybe not).  I am reading a lot of comic books right now thanks to Hoopla, but they all feel kind of hollow after reading The Sandman.  Curse you Neil Gaiman and your fabulous graphic series!

I am going to go stare at a wall for awhile and hope that Morpheus shows up with more of his adventures.  Maybe if I fall asleep he will come then.  I think that is my best hope.  For all of you that have not read The Sandman though, you are the lucky ones, you can just pickup a book!