Shmee Takes Titanfall 2’s Single Player For A Ride!


After the lackluster multiplayer test for Titanfall 2, I was going to hold off getting Titanfall 2 until it was cheap.  Luckily for me (unluckily for Respawn Entertainment) they launched Titanfall 2 within a week of the most anticipated Battlefield game in quite some time, so the prices dropped quickly.  I have not had a chance to play the multiplayer yet, but I have completed the single player campaign, and it is incredible.

The story is has a run a of the mill, young recruit being forced in to heavy action and turning out to be the greatest soldier that ever lived, thread, but what makes the story special is the interaction between Rifleman Jack Cooper and his Titan, BT-7274.  They play off each other so well, and even better they let you pick Cooper’s dialog.  You press up or down deciding how snarky you want to be, so it is not a complex dialog tree, but it does engage you just a little bit more in their tale.

While the story is nice, you play first person shooters for their action, and this is where Titanfall 2 truly shines.  The shooting mechanics are flawless.  The free-running allows you to come up with creative ways to take out the bad guys, and then when you are in BT, you feel completely unstoppable.  Even when you are not shooting, the free-running puzzles are a ton of fun, and the collectable ‘pilot helmets’ are always challenging to find and get, but not overly so.  Also almost of all the of the achievements are for the single player and easy to obtain, so it should help out your Gamerscore.

The only downside to the single player that I have found is that the graphics, while detailed, are not up to the standards set by other games, and worse you can tell the resolution is low and being up-scaled because everything is a little fuzzy.  Thankfully when you are running and gunning as fast as you can you don’t notice these issues all that often, but you do notice them.

Considering you can find this game for $30 or lower these days, Titanfall 2 is worth the price of admission for the single player alone.  I am sure there is some fun to be had with the multiplayer as well, but that is just gravy on top of all the fun I had with the campaign.  This has been a good Holiday season for video games, but a disaster for my wallet.  Though I have been having too much fun to care that I am broke.

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