Shmee Starts His Tour Of Duty With Battlefield 1’s Multiplayer!


After thoroughly enjoying Battlefield 1’s single plyer campaign, I have now been able to dip my toes in Battlefield 1’s multiplayer pool, and?  It is still pretty much just Battlefield.  It has been tweaked and the player progression is a bit different, but in the end it is still the massive battles you have come to expect from Battlefield except the weapons are a little different.

When you level up you will now get war bonds.  You use these war bonds to buy guns and equipment.  As you level up while playing different classes, you slowly rank up those classes as well giving you the ability to buy different/better guns.  There are still ‘battlepacks’, but now you get them a whole lot less often, but they generally have better stuff in them.  Pretty simple, but it feels like I am unlocking guns at a much slower rate than in Battlefield 4.

There is a new pigeons mode, but it is pretty much just center-flag/oddball.  Grab the pigeon, hold the pigeon for a set time while not getting shot, and then release the pigeon to score a point.  Though if you release the pigeon when there are a ton of enemies around they can shoot the pigeon down.  A fun twist, but nothing ground breaking.

Another new addition is that when you are playing Conquest and a team is loosing they will get a super weapon to try and turn the tide.  These usually come in the form of a zeppelin or an armored train.  While annoying if you are winning a close game, for the most part they can be ignored while you continue to take and hold points.  Whatever you do, just don’t let a guy who loves to honk the horn drive the train because it is awful to have to listen to for ten minutes straight.  You may help destroy the train even if you are on the same team as him (or her).

It may sound like I am not overly enthused about Battlefield 1’s multiplayer, but that is not the case.  It is very good, and I plan on playing a lot of it.  Just don’t expect it to be a grand departure from what they have done before because it is pretty much a refinement of the games that have come before it.  Very good, but in a tried and true sort of way.  That’s all for now, maybe I will see you on the Battlefield!