Shmee Lights A Candle For Shadow Realms!


EA/BioWare has decided to pull the plug on the four on one dungeon crawler Shadow Realms.  The Paladin and I both quite enjoyed our short time with this game, but it looks like they could never get it working they way they wanted.  It was always an odd game.  It was going to be released episodically with the story parts single player, but the fighting multiplayer.  You got to choose whether you were one of the good guys or played as the Shadow Lord.  It was fun to see a developer trying something new, but the folks over at EA probably got cold feat when it looked like the public at large wasn’t getting the concept.  I hope the devs making the game manage to keep their jobs and just move to a different project.  We will see.

Part of me is wondering if the lawyers at Tops and Microsoft were wondering where their royalty check was since the story and setting concepts were so close to Shadowrun, so EA just decided not to deal with it.  Whatever the cause, we are down one more RPG.  I will light a candle.