How Many Comic Book Movies Can We Watch?


Starting this year, there will not be a year with fewer than three comic book movies in the next five years.  Some of those years have as many as seven comic book movies.  Now that is great news to me, but will the public at large start to get sick of them?  I mean there are more than thirty movies based on comic heroes in some form of production.  Probably a lot more than that.  That number is based on what has been announced.  I know I will watch them all, but I am a nerd and for me this is my movie renaissance, but for everyone else when do they say “enough!”?  I am guessing around 2017.

My reasoning is that once DC’s slate of films really starts there will just be too many of them on the market.  There will be a hero flick every other month.  If I was in marketing that is a statistic that would worry me.  Four seems about right.  That is one Marvel movie, one X-Men/F4 movie (still Marvel I know, but Fox’s Marvel), one DC Movie, and then something from someone else, like Dark Horse.  That way everyone gets a big movie, and all their stories keep moving forward.

I only bring this up because I want to see superhero movies keep being made, and I really don’t want them to over saturate the market.  We have been fine up till now, but that is because DC and Fox didn’t have their acts together, and they could only get a movie out every couple of years.  With both of them now running full steam ahead, we are going to see every hero, major or minor, hit the big screen, and I just don’t think it is going to work out the may movie studios hope.