Shmee Heads Back To The Inquisition!

Have you ever enjoyed a game a lot, but then another game came along and distracted you, so you never finished the first game?  Well that happened to me with Dragon Age: Inquisition.  I was almost done with Inquisition when the The Witcher 3 came out, and while Inquisition is a great game, The Witcher 3 is almost perfect.  The 2017 Xbox Ultimate Sale had all the Inquisition DLC marked down, so it was the perfect time to jump back in.  The question is, does the game hold up?

Pretty much.  Dragon Age: Inquisition kind of lives in The Witcher 3’s shadow now, so it will always be viewed as a less than.  A lot of people out there like to rag on it now.  Especially after Mass Effect: Andromeda, which had all of Inquisition’s flaws, but to a much higher degree, and it makes Inquisition look worse because of the comparisons.   Which is a shame.  The party members and the main quest for Inquisition are very well written, and I really enjoyed finishing up their story.  Not to mention it still has the old school pause-able combat, and I love being able to get tactical when I need to.

I have had a lot of fun going back and playing this game, and if you haven’t played it yet, I still think it is worth your time.  I know a lot of people out there have decided that in hindsight it is not very good, but I think it is still a great game, and it offers a ton game for your money.  Is it as good as The Witcher 3? No, but very few games are, and that shouldn’t take away from the fun you can have with Dragon Age: Inquisition.  I have enjoyed rejoining the Inquisition.