Mass Effect: Andromeda Post Game Thoughts!

After sixty-three hours and twenty minutes I have completed my first play through of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and I may play a little more to complete a couple of achievements and random quests.  You can play the game after you complete the main story, but of course any quests you complete will not affect the ending.  So, have my feelings about the game changed since my first ten hours?  Yes, and mostly for the better.  Here are some quick post game thoughts:

  • Crafting needs to be combined in to one interface.  Crafting is where you get all the cool items, so to have to navigate several menus to create the stuff you want is a little frustrating
  • There needs to be a way to land at forward stations from space.  Later on in the game several missions have you planet hopping, so it is supper annoying to have to land, fast travel, then drive.  I want to get straight to the driving.
  • There needs to be more enemy variety.  The same bad guys you see in the beginning of the game will be the same guys you see in the end.  The only difference is that they throw more of them at you, but you are so god-like at the end it doesn’t really matter how many guys run at you.
  • The story was a missed opportunity to do something different, but it ends well.  Even though you are still finding tech from long dead peeps and fighting faceless hoards the game still wraps up everything very nicely, and I was quite satisfied with how it ended.

I really enjoyed Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it was far from perfect.  I am hopeful they can fix the issues of the first game in the second.  We will see.  If you have yet to pick up ME:A, I recommended it to fans of the first games; though others may want to hold off until they have fixed a few more bugs and the game’s price comes down a bit.