Game Of Thrones Is Back And The Worst Is Still To Come!

After what seems like forever, Game of Thrones is back with season seven, and while it starts off with a bang, the first episode was mostly setting up the pieces on the board for the last round of the great game.  None of the players, save one, are in great positions.

The Starks are up against the Wall and the White Walkers to the north, and Cersei Lannister and what is left of her armies to the south.  Speaking of Cersei, she has no allies, enemies at all sides, and even her brother is not sure about her.  Though at this point, no one is counting her out.  Which leaves Daenerys Targaryen, while she has the dragons and the numbers, what she doesn’t have is information.  She has no idea what the Starks are up against, and I doubt she can fathom what Cersei is capable of.

Now the players are set, and the last game is about to be played.  The question is can they finish it before the White Walkers finish them?  I will be watching with great interest, wondering: How quickly does all this intrigue devolve in to driving snow and dragon fire?  About six more episodes I am guessing.