Nintendo Switch Controllers Cost How Much!!!!

Some people have been griping about the price of the Nintendo Switch.  It will cost $300 with both the left and the right Joy-Con controllers and the dock.  That doesn’t bug me too much.  If it is $300 now it won’t be long until you can find a sale where they are probably $25-$50 less than that.  The Dock costs $90, again not a big deal.  How many people are going to need more than one Dock?  Since I work in the IT industry I can tell you that $90 for an HDMI dock isn’t that bad.

What is bad is the controller price.  You would think that when you buy a new Switch controller that it would include both the left and the right Joy-Cons, you know so you could play any game with it, but that is not the case.  Each left and right costs $49 each.  You do save $20 buying them together for $79, but still, $79 for a new non-premium/special edition controller is a lot to swallow.  It makes it hard to justify for families.  I know that like the console itself the price will drop on those pretty quick.  However, that means they will be $60ish on sale.  The price of a full price game.

The Switch still looks really cool, and I can’t wait to try one myself, but those controller prices are ridiculous, and that is coming from a guy who spent $150 on an Xbox One Elite controller (I still love it by the way).