Is There Any Room Left In Avengers: Infinity War?

With the announcement that they are adding in Peter Dinklage and Zoe Saldana’s Gamora to Avengers: Infinity War my question is, how will any of these people have any screen time?  My only thought is that they have to start killing off some heroes.  Meaning Thor probably doesn’t make it through Ragnarök, and then Hulk stays on his planet, so that would take out a couple of characters.   Having said that, Civil War didn’t have Hulk or Thor in it either, and it had too many people in it.

I can only hope that most of these folks just show up for the titular Infinity War, so we only really follow a couple of people for most of the film.  My guess would be Thanos and Stark, since the Avengers movies are pretty much the new Iron Man movies, and there is no way Robert Downy Jr. would play a bit part.  Not to mention after four years teasing if Thanos isn’t a big part of this movie it would have been the worst long con of all time.

I hope this all turns out, but every time they announce another big actor to be in the next Avengers movie, I get apprehensive not excited.  Marvel has had a pretty good track record, so they get the benefit of the doubt, but there is a fine line between jam-packed and overstuffed.