My Favorite Five Movies!

I decided to share my favorite five movies, and for me this is a hard list to put together, but I buckled down and picked five movies that if you came over to my house I would watch even though I have seen them several times. The critics may not agree with me, but who cares it is my list, and as soon as you write something on the internet you are wrong anyway.  So here it goes.

5: Spriggan

sprigganWhen I first moved out of the house and in with my group of friends, we watched this movie all the time.  It follows the most convoluted plot about Noah’s ark that you will ever hear, but what makes it great are the crazy over the top characters.  There is a guy with a chain gun arm that can throw a helicopter at you!  It makes me smile just to think about it.



4: The Muppets Christmas Carol

the-muppet-christmas-carol-posterThis is by far the best version of the Christmas Carol that has ever been made, and it features The Muppets.  Double points!  It is one of two movies that I need to watch every Christmas, but it is the one I look forward to the most (Maybe if you ask nice I will tell you the other movie).  Everything from the sets to the cast are spot on in this movie.  It is just fantastic.



3: Gross Pointe Blank

grosse_pointe_blankIt doesn’t get much better for a dark comedy then Gross Pointe Blank.  John Cusack is an assassin that goes back to his high school reunion to find himself.  There he meets up with his old flame, and all sorts of crap hits the fan.  It is funny and has a good amount of action.  This movie made John Cusack my favorite actor for awhile, then he started making bad movies and that ended, but Gross Pointe Blank is still great.



2: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back


It is not often that a middle movie of a trilogy is so awesome, but The Empire Strikes Back is.  It has Yoda, Hoth, and a flying cloud city, and I think it has the best writing of all the Star Wars movies.  This is Gorge Lucas’ best film.  It is so good that despite all the crud that has happened to Star Wars over the years, I am still a Star Wars geek.



1: Dark City

Dark-City-1998There are very few noir Sci-Fi movies out there that are any good, but Dark City is not only good it is amazing, and so far my favorite movie of all time.  This movie sets the tone so well and as we figure out who John is we also unravel the secrets of the bizarre world that he lives in.  I think every film buff needs to watch this movie.



So there you have it.  I am sure you disagree with me on my picks, but that is your right.  I would love to hear what your favorite movies are, so leave me a comment and let me know.


6 Replies to “My Favorite Five Movies!”

  1. Spriggan! Good times.

    Without thinking about it too much, here is my list:

    5) Transformers – The Animated Movie
    4) The Matrix
    3) Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back
    2) The Dark Knight
    1) Children of Men

  2. There are too many good movies or at least guilty pleasures to list, but at this moment I would rank my top five as…
    5. Tears of the Sun/Children of Men (Tie!)
    4. Zulu!
    3. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (if I had to pick one)
    2. The Longest Day
    1. The Rocketeer

    1. Yeah, I figured the Rocketeer would be #1 for you. I think you could get away with The Lord of the Rings as all one movie.

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