In Defence Of PUBG On Xbox!

PUBG on Xbox One has gotten off to a rocky start, especially on the vanilla Xbox One, but all is not lost.  PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has never been about graphics or performance, but instead the experience of trying to survive this crazy game.  Constantly choosing whether to stay in the shadows or go on the offensive.  Drive further in to the safe zone or to stay close to the edge of the circle, so that no one can get behind you.

Every minute you are playing PUBG you are making decisions, and from my experience, most of those decisions will get you killed.  PUBG makes its players think in a way competitive multiplayer shooters haven’t forced their players to think in a long time.  Lately it has been all about how fast your reflexes are, and while that is still important in PUBG, safely maneuvering around other players to get the drop on them is much more important.

So while the Xbox One port of the game is in a rougher state than we hoped, with tons of rubber band lag and texture pop-in galore, it is still worth playing.  Though I will understand if you hold off for a few more patches.  In fact that is probably wise, but just don’t stay away forever.  PUBG is too good to miss, and so far the other Battle Royal games aren’t even close to as good.  Though they aren’t a bad way to tide you over.