PUBG Is Now On Xbox! … And It Is PUBG.

Yesterday PC’s biggest game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), came out on Xbox One, and you may be wondering how it turned out.  Well, for better or worse it is PUBG.  It is graphically uninspiring, the framerate is choppy, and it feels like you are always fighting the controls, so it is a pretty good port.  Thankfully, the heart pounding and exhilarating action holds up with a controller and a couch.

A word of warning, this game is still in Microsoft’s Game Preview Program, which means it isn’t done, and it doesn’t look or feel done, but it is still really, really fun.  It also has PUBG’s new vaulting feature.  Which is supper handy for getting over walls and rocks.  However, that means I can no longer blame dying on being stuck on a fence.  I am just not very good.

I will be playing a lot of PUBG in the days to come, and based on the usage numbers online, so will all of you.  With that being the case, I will be seeing you all parachuting to your almost certain doom very soon with the rest of Xbox Live.

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