I Am Enjoying Netflix’s New Found Commitment To Anime!

In the early years of Netflix, their anime library was a bit of a wasteland.  There was nothing to see except a couple series that just about every other service had too.  Netflix’s only upside was that they didn’t have commercials.  I complained about this a couple of times on this very blog.  However, it seems like they have learned the error of their ways.

They have announced several new shows and movies that will be distributed by them exclusively in the USA, and that they are going to start working with Anime development companies to create new shows just for Netflix.  Apparently, according to The Verge, a large portion of their $8 Billion programming budget will go towards getting more Anime on their service.

While there still isn’t a ton of Anime on Netflix, it has picked up.  Whenever I am in the mood to watch some Anime I am able to find something interesting.  In fact I just finished the Netflix Original: Kuromukuro, and while it wasn’t earthshattering, it was pretty entertaining.  This is just after watching Little Witch Academia which was excellent, so the quality is improving as well.  Not to mention their American animation arm which is pumping out great things like Voltron (season 4 just hit!).

I am not the only one that is happy, Netflix is adding millions of subscribers, and they attribute a lot of that success to Anime fans.  Yeah us!  So apparently big companies do listen to their customers, and I look forward to all the new Anime I am going to get to watch.