Netflix’s Voltron Is Awesome!


I should have known that when the people behind Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Kora were brought on to reboot Voltron that it would end up being pretty great, but it is even better than I imagined.  Which is quite a feat considering the original Voltron was kind of a mess.  I love it, but it doesn’t hold up well.  Somehow they were able to take that mess and create a fun space opera out of it.

I love that they didn’t try to make Voltron more than it is.  It is still kind of a silly and dumb, but it is also full of action with a good cast of characters.  It is the show that my nostalgia lets me remember the original Voltron being.  Which was terrific.  If you want to spend your time watching robots form up to make another robot to fight evil cat people than Voltron is for you.  If not, you probably didn’t read this mini-review anyway.  I hope that Netflix reboots more of the shows from my childhood.