First Look At The Flash!


Well since I have been posting all the other DC TV show promos why stop now?  The CW has released their first sneak peek of The Flash, and it is a very small peek at that, but here it is anyway.  Keep watching until the end:

So there is not a lot to glean from all of that.  With the success of Arrow, I am guessing that they didn’t feel the need to give a lot away.  It still shows that it is an Arrow spinoff, and it at least looks like The Flash will have more of a sense of humor.  It is fine for the Green Arrow to be all sullen and gloomy because he is pretty much Batman, but The Flash is supposed to enjoy himself, and with his two lines it looks like that is the case.

I also noticed that his costume is not very form fitting.  It is actually pretty loose, which is quite the change from the comic books, and you would think it would be hard to run at supersonic speeds with loose fabric everywhere.  If once the show starts that is my only complaint, then it is no big deal.  We will see in October I guess.

The Flash is the most recognizable superhero DC is bringing to small screen (junior Batman not withstanding), so it will be important to get him right.  Nobody in the comic book world really cared if they screwed up the Green Arrow, but that will not be the case with The Flash.

The running special effects look fine for TV, but I don’t think a teaser is a place to fully judge them.  Still sizzling brings back comic book imagery, so that is nice.

It will be interesting to see how closely the two CW shows interact with one another.  Like if they are showing up in each other’s show once or twice a season, or not at all.  Whatever the case it is nice to DC building a media universe somewhere even if it is not in movies, and I am quite excited to see The Flash come to TV once again.

Update: Here is a taste of the humor The Flash should have:

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