DC Went Nuts And Made Everything Canon!


Oh man DC went crazy!  According to Polygon instead of fixing all their comic books’ odd continuity errors and multiple story lines for the same character they went completely the other way.  They embraced the messiness and made every book they have ever published canon.  That is right every book.  “How?” you might ask.  Well they just decided that since the DC Universe has multiple Universes that all those story lines exist within their own world, so why not let them all live on and interact with each other.

This is completely opposite from every other comic book event ever, including the ongoing Secret Wars that Marvel is doing, which clean up and streamline the Universe in to one easy to understand package.  Honestly this is probably the coolest thing they have done for awhile.  It lets them pick and choose the stuff that works, and ignore but still have the stuff that didn’t in case they want to go back to it and try to fix it.  The New 52 Aquaman and Wonder Woman get to stay, but you can bring back the old Superman, or just have both!


We will see how this all turns out, but at least for now DC has given into the madness and let their comic book creators make whatever books they want with whatever characters they want, and that is a very good thing!