Controllers Keep Eating Batteries? Try The Nyko Charge Base!


The Xbox One controller is way easier on the batteries than the Xbox 360, but that doesn’t mean you will not burn through batteries at an alarming rate.  Finally I decided to do something about it, and I bought the Nyko Charge Base for the Xbox One.  It is about $15, and well worth the price.  The main reason that you will buy this base is to charge your controllers, and I am happy to report that it works quite well for that.  The other features of this base are lit indicators on the front telling you if the controller is charging, and which ones are ready.  It also gives you a place to set your controllers when you are not using them.

They are not perfect however.  The batteries don’t last as long as standard AAs, but since you will be charging them after every use that doesn’t seem like that big of an issue.  Though if you are a marathon gamer it is something to keep in mind.  The other downer is that since the base uses batteries with contacts on them to do the charging you need to replace your battery covers with the ones they have included for you.  This isn’t a problem except for the fact the covers are shiny and the controllers have a matte finish.  You will not be looking at the back of your controllers a lot, but it is disappointing the colors don’t match.

Not having to worry about batteries for my controllers was well worth the money.  I kind of wish they had a four controller option, but if I ever get two more controllers I guess I can buy another one.  There are a lot of good charging options out there, but the Nyko Charge Base should be at the top of your list.  It looks like they make a version for just about every major platform out there, so if you are in the market for a charging station it is worth a look.