Marvel Is Pulling A DC!


So Marvel is kicking off its Secret Wars, and it looks like it will kill off the Marvel Universes as we know them.  The heroes will face off once again in Battleworld to fight for their survival, and not just their survival but the survival of their little piece of the universe.

One of Marvel’s biggest draws has always been its long almost never ending story line, but that is all coming to an end.  Really this is their version of DC’s Infinite Crisis.  Marvel fans are more than a little upset, but really this is Disney’s way of making Marvel its own.  They get to pick how these heroes move forward, and I am sure that they will start to look and act a lot more like their movie counterparts.  Because movies are where the money is.

If they do this right it could be fun, but if they do it wrong there will be a lot of Marvel fans calling this the Marvel version of the New 52.  Though unlike the New 52 there will be only one universe when this is all over.  DC still has its multiple universes and I am pretty sure they always will have them.  My question is: how long will they be able to stick to their guns and keep to one universe?  I give them six months.  Maybe.

Here is the announcement video: