47 Takes Some Time Off In Marrakesh!


While I wait to hear from Nintendo for my E3 wrap-up, I thought I would give my thoughts on Hitman’s third episode, Marrakesh.  Sadly Marrakesh is the worst episode so far.  Having been spoiled with both Paris and Sapienza it was kind of a bummer to get just a standard paint by the numbers Hitman level.  It is still better than almost anything Absolution did, but that is not high praise.

What is really a bummer is that there is such potential with Marrakesh.  The market area is crazy and bustling with activity, but neither target makes use of this.  Instead you infiltrate a dilapidated old school and an embassy.  Far away from anything that makes Morocco unique or interesting.  Plus to finish the hits in those two locations it is just a matter of finding the right person to disguise yourself as to take the target down.  There weren’t any of the fun mouse-trap like ways to kill these two gents, and if there were they weren’t very obvious.  Not to mention it was supper easy.  I got the Silent Assassin rating with very little effort.

Things are not all bad though.  The level does have good bones, and the market is pretty great with hundreds of NPCs, so I am sure that there will be added Contracts that make better use of what Marrakesh has to offer.  It is just a shame that the main story targets were so bland.  In the end it was still more Hitman, and that is something to be thankful for, but if you are paying by level, I would skip Marrakesh for now until people fill out the Contracts board or IO Interactive adds a few more of their own.  I hope the next level is a return to form for 47, and I get to do something dastardly to some deserving people.