47 Takes Care Of A Few Things In Italy!


Hitman‘s second location has arrived and this time you are whisked off to the fictional town of Sapienza, Italy (it is the name of a University in Rome however).  There you will have to take down a scientist and his protégé, and destroy a new bioweapon.  It will be all in a day’s work for the world’s greatest assassin Agent 47.

Sapienza builds on the great level design of Paris.  The areas are varied, and each area creates a new wrinkle for how you are going to get in and earn your pay.  It also seems like this map is a bit bigger than Paris, and considering how big the fashion show was, that is no small feat.  Even better Hitman seems to load twice as fast, and a lot of the glitchiness seems to have been fixed.  Plus the servers haven’t crashed once, so things are looking up for Hitman.

However, even with all the bugs they have fixed it looks like they have added one.  Once you start map if you start to follow any ‘Opportunities’, the little guided events in the game, but then do something wrong so you load a game to a point before you started that ‘Opportunity’, it will not track it anymore.  This is a pain since you earn ‘Mastery’ for completing ‘Opportunities’.  Fortunately there are several to find, and you just have to remember to save right after you start one.  It is just annoying.  I hope they fix it soon.

Each level of Hitman so far has been better than the last, so this is shaping up to be the best Hitman game yet.  The only thing holding it back may be value.  If you are like me and are going to play through this level a few times than the $10 to pick it up makes sense.  If you are only going to play it once, and you aren’t going to explore the map you could beat this in like an hour (it took me about two hours my first attempt), so it is a tougher sell.  For Hitman fans this is must buy, for everyone else you may want to wait for a sale.