You’re Not Shackled To Your Phone’s Ecosystem!


One thing I hear regularly is when someone says, “I would love to use a phone on platform ‘X’, but I am tied to the apps and ecosystem on platform ‘Y'”.  It is kind of a shame too because if the phone that person really wants is on platform ‘X’, they are missing out, and they don’t need too.

Most people use about five third party apps daily and of those they probably only paid for three, meaning the apps that are tying them to their phone are worth probably less than five dollars.  Now I know at this point a lot of you are saying “I have way more than five apps!”, and you probably do, but how many could you live without?  And how many could you get for free on your new platform?  If you had to get different ones that did the same thing would that be okay?

I think the biggest thing that bugs me about people thinking they are tied to an old platform, if that if that is the case the company that makes that platform now owns them, and can control their buying habits, and the companies that make phones are huge, and do not necessarily want what is best for you, they just want your cash.  Don’t let Microsoft, Google, or Apple think they have got you for life.

If you are happy with phone you have, and platform it is on, then I am happy for you!  I don’t care what kind of phone you want or have, as long as it is what you want.  I just don’t like the fact that people think they are tied down to something that they may not like.  You can switch whenever you want, and if you ever want to go back the apps you have will be waiting for you.