Yes I Am Promoting Bing Rewards!


I generally don’t promote services like Bing Rewards very often because they are lame and annoying, but I thought I would mention it because Microsoft does pay your to use their search engine.  Not a lot, but enough that it got me to use Bing for at least part of the day.  You can earn up to fifteen points a day by searching on the site, and you can redeem the points for things like Amazon gift cards.  Once you are a full member you can get a $5 gift card for 475 points, so a point is worth right about a penny.

The real reason I am doing this is because for every member I get signed up I get 200 points.  A lot of people I know hate Bing, but still use this program because they like free stuff as much as I do, so what they do is they have a favorites folder with 30 Bing searches in it, and they just open them all and get their points in like a second.  I can’t officially support that since it breaks the terms of service, but it works.

If this is some thing you are interested in click here, and I promise I won’t do too many more posts like this in the future.  My lust for free stuff compels me!

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