What Is Sony Doing With Their Spider-Man Universe?

A few days ago Sony dropped the bomb that Tom Hardy was going to be the new Venom, and I instantly started to wonder how an almost forty year old Eddie Brock was going to be in “competition” with a teenage Peter Parker, but then Sony dropped the next bomb that there will be no Spider-Man in their newly minted Sony Marvel Universe.  How can this be?  Sony is making an interconnected Marvel Universe without their one hero.  In other words, Sony is making a villains universe.

Part of me thought that maybe Venom was going to be a one shot deal, but no, Sony has doubled down with their next Marvel movie Silver and Black featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat.  Who are Silver Sable and Black Cat you ask?  Silver Sable is a generic sexy morally gray mercenary from 90’s.  A time that featured a ton of generic sexy morally gray mercenaries, and Black Cat is Catwoman.  Not like Catwoman, but just Catwoman.  I can’t wait for the Cardiac solo flick.

I am not sure how any of this is going work, but I have an idea to try and tie it all together.  A different Spider-Man.  There are several Spider-Man universes, so why not pick one of their Spider-Men.  There are a lot of good options:

  • Spider-Gwen, this would make up for killing her recently, and she is sooo popular right now.
  • Spider-Woman, she would change things up, and let Sony use a popular hero to anchor their Universe.
  • Old married Peter Parker, because then having an old Venom makes sense.
  • Miles Morales, because then old married Peter would be dead and the older villains still make sense, and everyone loves Miles.  Even more than Peter.

And of course there are still more Spider-Men to choose from, and they are all pretty good choices to lead Sony’s Marvel Universe.  Better than Spider-Man’s villains anyway.  Especially villains like Silver Sable and Black Cat (to be fair Black Cat is pretty cool, but so is Catwoman).  We will see how Sony does, and I am pulling for them, but considering the last few Spider-Man movies, I am going to be very cautious.  This from a guy that just pre-ordered Wonder Woman tickets, and the last couple of DC movies have been less than great, or even good.