What Is Going On With DC Entertainment?

In the last twenty-four hours there has been a lot of DC movie news: Martin Scorsese is producing a stand alone 1980’s Joker origin movie, The Batman film is no longer part of the DCEU (maybe), Gotham City Sirens is being replaced by a DECU Joker and Harley movie being made by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa the directors of Crazy Stupid Love, but now it is not and DC is making both, the Shazam movie is both in and out of the DCEU, they cut Jesse Eisenberg out of Justice League (though it looks like he was never in it), and who knows what else.

Know what I think?  There was a meeting where a lot of ideas where pitched, and now people are talking about them, so rumor sites are getting wind of what was talked about.  Most of these new movies will never enter production, but we will still get our one to two DC movies a year with most of them being in the DCEU, but if a talented filmmaker wants to make an Elseworlds tale, Warner Brothers will consider it.  How can you say no to Martin Scorsese?  DC Entertainment, even with Geoff Johns, is not like Marvel Studios.  They are more of a traditional studio and don’t just make movies under the direction of one person, and they are in a state of flux right now.  They know they need to start making good movies, so they are taking ideas from everyone, and honestly why not.

Movie studios get hundreds of pitches every day for films, but we never hear about them.  However, because DC’s back is kind of up against a wall, every movie idea or off the cuff statement from a director is big news, even though Warner Brothers themselves haven’t announced anything.  Honestly DC/Warner Brothers just needs to have its people sign a gag order and only talk about movies that are entering production, and then a lot of this internet fanboy drama would just go away.  Provided they start making better movies of course.