Casting Gotham City Sirens!

Well the time has come again for me to help out Hollywood and cast their movie for them.  This time I am casting Gotham City Sirens!  We are in need of a new Poison Ivy and Catwoman.  Here are my top five choices for each role!

First up Poison Ivy:

5: Emma Stone

Emma is busy earning awards right now with La La Land, so it is the perfect time to turn her attention to pulp fiction.  She has the wit and charm to make Poison Ivy her own.

4: Isla Fisher

Thanks to Wedding Crashers we know Isla can do crazy and sexy, so Poison Ivy should be prefect for her, and since she is funny, she should be able to keep up with Harley Quinn’s high-jinks.

3: Christina Hendricks

Has there ever been a more seductive red head then Christina?  Even Captain Mal succumbed to her feminine wiles.  She would be great for this role.

2: Eva Green

Sadly I have to admit that I am ranking her this high partially because her name is Green, but still she needs something to do after finishing Penny Dreadful, and she would be amazing as Ivy.

1: Rose Leslie

Thanks to Rose (another name pun!!!) we know that John Snow knows nothing, but I could see her kicking in teeth in Gotham City with the best of them, and she would be fun new face for Poison Ivy.

Now on to Catwoman:

5: Mila Kunis

We know Mila has the action stuff down, and since somehow she isn’t already a superhero/villain, we should really change that.  She would be great as Catwoman.

4: Keira Knightly

Keira has been doing too many period pieces lately!  It is time for her to stop wearing crowns and gear up to kick some butt.  She started out in action movies, and it is time for her get back in to them.

3: Anne Hathaway

I know what you are thinking, “She was already Catwoman!”  Yes but she was great at it, and she said she would love to do it again.  It would be a fun bit of continuity, and DC does love carrying over random roles.  Though usually they end up as different characters.

2: Emily Blunt

As Mugatu would say, “She is so hot right now!”  And she would bring a lot of interest to this picture.  If any person can co-lead a film at this point it is Emily.

1: Olivia Wilde

The fact that Olivia isn’t in the Marvel or DC Universes is criminal, so why not make her one of the most recognizable Batman villains of all time?  She would knock this role out of the park.

Those are my top picks for Poison Ivy and Catwoman.  I would love to hear who you would pick.  This movie is getting under way soon, so we should be getting official casting at any time.  My track record is not good, but I like my chances with these two lists.