Wanna Read My Book? Chapters 1-3


So I have been writing a book for awhile, but so far I only have three chapters done, so I am leaving it up to you a little bit to see if I should keep going.  It is a light comedy/fantasy book that was inspired by a D&D campaign my buddy Andy Brim created, so if I get rich I will owe Andy a pittance.

The main reason for writing this book was to have fun, and because every fantasy book I read takes itself way to seriously.  They are all depressing, or think that they should be quoted like Shakespeare.

I am thinking of changing the hero’s name since so far it is named after me, so it is Shmee, but he is becoming less like me and more like his own person, so I think I will need to change the name at some point, but I can’t think of one I like (I guess I like myself to much).

I have read through it quite a few times, and every time I still find errors and typos, so I am sure you will too, so sorry for that in advance, but I hope you like it anyway!

Click the link below for the PDF.

**Update 12-21-2015: The new copy of the book can be found here.



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  1. Reading through it right now, so far this is my favorite bit: (After learning that their potential foe’s banner is a skull on a spear)

    “Shmee was fairly certain they these were bad men because their flag was something only evil wankers would ride under. Normal people rid under things like bears and stags, lions perhaps.”

          1. I liked it a lot. The siege was a little brief and if you hurt Hoots again I’ll end you.

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