I Have Edited And Published Blade And Feather To Amazon!


Well after a year and a half of lollygagging, I have gone and re-edited Blade and Feather, and then self-published it.  You can view/buy it here.  Though since you are one of the few people that reads my blog, you can also download the free PDF copy here.  That’s right you can either pay for it, or get it for free!  Your choice!  Though if you tell people about it, if you would be ever so kind as to please point them to the Amazon page, I would appreciate it.

I hope you like it!  Even if you don’t, thanks for reading it.  It was a fun process, and I hope to write a follow-up at some point.  We need to see what kind of trouble Shmee and Hoots get in to next.

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