MST3K Triple Shot

castle of fu manchu giant leaches swamp diomonds






I have watched quite a bit of MST3K lately, so instead of giving separate reviews I thought I would give you three little quick ones.

The Castle of Fu Manchu:

Christopher Lee stars as an Asian guy that is going to take over the world by threatening to freeze the oceans.

This movie is bad, and not in the good way that makes you laugh, but that it is incredibly dull.  Once you get past the fact they dressed up Christopher Lee in the most racist way possible, nothing happens in this movie.  The best jokes in this film are about how shaken the crew of the Satellite of Love is by having to watch this awful film.  It is funny at times, but jut not enough happens.

Attack of the Giant Leaches:

This movie has a short about how the people of Atlantis are causing earth quakes, it is very funny.  I can’t believe how awful the old serials were.

Attack of the Giant Leeches is kind self explanatory.  Leeches start attacking people that live in a town near a swamp.  This is a great bad movie.  The dialog is nonsense, and the leeches are just plastic bags with circles stuck on them.  I laughed a lot during this film, and the robots and Joel have field day.  Thank you Roger Corman!

Swamp Diamonds:

This movie also has a short. It is about how to go on a date.  Oh my gosh the 50’s were awesome.  I couldn’t imagine having to watch these PSAs.  It is very funny.

The movie is about an undercover cop and some women thieves looking for diamonds their gang boyfriends hid there before being sent to the electric chair.  This movie is Roger Corman’s directorial debut, and he starts off his career like he ends it, making great bad movies.  No one knows how to act, and it is filmed like the world’s worst nature documentary.  I think this was my favorite out of the three just because the short was so good, and they followed it up with this just fabulously awful movie.