TV Need a Boost Try the Samsung HW-F355


I was trying to get away without a messy looking sound system until I could save up for a good one, but my TV sound was just to lame, so I decided to give it a little help.  I kept looking all over the internet until I found a simple setup with an optical input that didn’t have a ton wires to hide.  What I found was the Samsung HW-F355.

The Samsung HW-F355 has a few inputs: a regular audio input, an optical input, USB, and Bluetooth so you can play music from your phone.  It also has the nice feature that it will turn on when it feels the optical input activate, so it saves you some button presses.

The sound is good, and much better then my TV used to have, but it is not as good as a full fledged 7.1 sound system, but you do get a good bang for your buck.

I am quite happy with my new sound bar system, and it will tide me over until I can buy all the equipment I need for a nice In-Wall system.

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    1. Does it have Blue Tooth? For that you would have to check your TV manual, but the best bet would be use the optical out on your TV.

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