I try a Cheep Universal Remote: The URC A6

Univeral Remote Control A6

My wife has been on me to get rid of all the remotes I have for our home theater, but I want to get a Logitech Harmony remote of some sort, but I didn’t want to spend the money right now, so I got the URC A6 Universal Remote for cheep on Amazon.  I thought this remote was going to be awful, but instead I was surprised to find that it is a sturdy well built remote with a lot of features.

It allows for six components to be controlled by the device, and it has several ways to program it.  You can punch in the three digit remote code if you know it or can find it.  You can manually search for the code by going up and down the list, or you can point the old remote a the A6 and program it button by button which does not take as long as you would think.

For my setup I had to use all three methods.  I knew the code for my TV, I searched for my Blu-Ray player, and manually programmed my sound bar, but I got them all working, and it works great.  It also allows for macros, so I can turn on my sound bar and TV at the same time.  It has three grooves on the back that really make it comfortable to hold, and it doesn’t feel cheep.

It may not be as fancy as a Harmony remote but for the money it works and is easy to use, and it has the added bonus of making my wife happy because she doesn’t have to deal with all the remotes.