The Last Witch Hunter Trailer Makes You Ask Why People Still Like Vin Diesel!

I know another trailer this week, so sue me! Well don’t that would be terrible.  Speaking of terrible, you should watch The Last Witch Hunter trailer.  That way you won’t watch the movie in October.  I mean what were these seemingly good actors thinking?  At the very least they could try and make this film look like it was fun ala Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and not some dreary mess.  I mean it looks like Elijah Wood has got the right idea, over the top cheese.  Everyone else though, WOW, it looks like they are going to try and play it straight (that is a way to go I guess).  It seems like every time Vin is going to become the action star people predicted he makes another odd looking awful film.  <sigh>  Well it looks like Michael Caine’s character drinks his way through the movie, so maybe that is the key for the audience to get through this dreck.  Why Vin? Why?