The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Blu-Ray Update!


I have already done a Catching Fire review, and my opinion of the film hasn’t changed, so you can find the film portion of the review here, but I thought I would give my impressions of the Blu-Ray release.

The movie holds up to repeat viewings, so there is no reason to worry about having this movie in your collection, and its transfer is excellent.  They shot it with real film, so there is a little grain in movie, but that just adds to the feel, and gives it a more gritty look.  Though you may want to pick a different movie if you really want to show off what your TV can do (I can suggest a couple of flicks for that purpose if you like).

The film is a little light on features.  There is a preview for Lionsgate’s new YA movie Divergent, an interesting hour long “making of”, a couple of deleted scenes, and an audio commentary.  The “making of” is the best one, but it doesn’t go supper in depth, so it is something you may watch once, and the deleted scenes don’t add anything, so it is easy to see why they were cut.

Despite the slightly disappointing features, the movie is still great, one of the best movies from last year in fact, and it is well worth adding to any collection.  Though I would understand if you wanted to hold off a couple of years for the eventual “The Hunger Games: Complete Box Set”, but I am impatient, so I am happy that it is in my collection now.