Shmee Watches Pacific Rim On Blu-Ray!


It is no secret that I love Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim, so it should has come as no surprise that I am now in possession of the Blu-Ray.  I am not going to review the movie again, but I am going to give my thoughts on the disk(s).

The technical presentation of the film is great!  Much like Speed Racer this is a movie that you can show your friends to show off how great your TV is.  There is almost no grain, and the colors really pop.  The only downside of the film is that no matter how large your TV is, it isn’t as big as a theater, and this film demands big screens, so the film is a little worse on my 60″ Samsung than it was in theaters.  It is still awesome, but just not as awesome.

The special features are cool.  They are full of bloopers, deleted scenes, artwork and storyboards, and my personal favorite, excerpts from Guillermo del Toro‘s notebook along with some video of del Toro explaining what we are looking at.  It is a great collection of extras that are actually worth watching.

If you did not see the film in theaters, please see the film now that it is on home video.  If you love Pacific Rim like I do, then this Blu-Ray set is a must own.

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