The Holiday Game Release Cycle Needs To End!

fallout-4-logoFall is here so you know what that means: every game company will try and release their games in the next three months.  I mean what the heck.  Just this month we started off with Mad Max and Metal Gear Solid 5.  Then a week later Forza 6 arrived, and then next month is Halo 5.  After that my life ends when Fallout 4 comes out.  Sorry Rise of the Tomb Raider or COD: Black Ops 3, you will have to wait three months for me to come out of my Vault.

That doesn’t even take in to account top shelf expansions for big games like Destiny or The Witcher 3.  Speaking of The Witcher, do we really need more stuff to do this soon?  The game has 200 hours of content.  I bet there are only like five guys saying, “hey I needs more Witcha’ ova’ here!”  I am happy for those guys, but me?  I am just trying to finish the game as quickly as possible (I am like 65 hours in) so that I will be ready for Halo 5.

That is the problem with this season.  There isn’t enough time to play all these games, and when one or two of them fail whole game studios will get wiped out.  It isn’t fair to me the consumer, and it isn’t fair to the people making the games.  We need to break out of this cycle.  Movies have shown in the last few years that good movies can launch any time and be successful, and I think games are now starting to be the same way.  The Witcher 3 which I mentioned earlier came out in May, but it still sold 6 million copies.  As matter of fact the May release probably helped it because there were less games to choose from.

This Holiday I will only be buying two games for myself, and with all the great games to choose from that is a shame.  If only more companies would take Microsoft’s lead like they did with Quantum Break and move some of their major games to Spring.  My wallet and I would appreciate it!