AMC Is Getting Ready To Launch Preacher!

So executive producer Seth Rogen released the first poster for his new comic book based show Preacher.  I have to admit when I first heard about this project I was excited about it.  I fondly remember reading some of the comics at a friend’s house.  Now thanks to the Hoopla app I was able to read the first two collections of the books, and I have to say Preacher does not hold up.  It is very 90’s, but not in a retro way, in a going all out trying offend you kind of way.  Which it then makes sense why I liked it when I was younger, but not so much now.  Oh to be thirteen again!

I will probably still give this show a shot when it debut’s next summer, but my excitement level has dropped.  Who knows, since they will have to tone down the comics quite a bit (as in I am not sure if they can use much of the source material) to get it on TV, Preacher may be better for it.  If nothing else the look of the comic is good, so if they copy the art style we may at least be in for a visual treat if nothing else.