The Golden Jerk From The Future May Be Coming To The Big Screen!


With everyone complaining that DC’s movies aren’t any fun, Warner Brothers may have found the perfect solution, if Birth.Movies.Death is to be believed: Booster Gold.  For those of you that don’t know, Booster is a character from the future that wanted to be a superhero, so he buys a bunch of advanced tech and travels to the past.  He expects that everyone is just going to love him and his heroics, but instead they find him an insufferable self-absorbed jerk.  Which is fair because he is.

If you were looking to add some fun to your movie line up, a movie about a jerky wise cracking time traveler would be a good start, and to make things better it looks like they are looking at the creator of The Flash and Supergirl TV shows, Greg Berlanti, to direct.  A guy who knows a thing or two about making comic book characters fun.  Though he did write The Green Lantern, so I will file this under cautious optimism.

Obviously the next few movies are going to be crucial for DC, so if Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman flop, I doubt we will see this movie develop pass the preproduction stage, but at least they are going for a good character and a director who understands the universe to put things right.

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