It’s Happening!!!!


So the CW made a couple of announcements yesterday: One, that the Archie comics based Riverdale was getting a full series order.  Not that surprising.  Pretty people in high school was the CW’s life blood.  Now they can bring the past forward thanks to the show being based on a comic book, so, you know, the CW’s new life blood.  On that note the big news: SUPERGIRL IS COMING TO THE CW!!!!!! That is right the rumors were true and the Girl of Steel is changing networks.

I am not sure how that is going to work out with budgets and whatnot.  The show may loose a couple of cast members, and I am scared to think what the special effects are going to look like, but the more Flash/Supergirl crossovers the better!  With The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow the CW with have a legit Justice Society on their hands.  Not to mention all the heroes they got on Legends of Tomorrow.  It looks like the CW might be the only channel I watch from now on.