Shmee Accepts Rogue Nation’s Mission Impossible!


I don’t know if you know this, but Tom Cruise keeps doing the movies called Mission: Impossible, and the fifth one came out last year!  That’s right there have been five Mission: Impossible movies with the latest one being subtitled Rogue Nation.  Mission: Impossible is a series that I enjoy, but I keep forgetting about until the next one comes out.  I don’t think Rogue Nation is going to change that.  Still good, but not super memorable.

Once again Ethan Hunt has been disavowed by his government, and he is out on his own hunting a country-less spy organization known as the Syndicate (no marks for creativity).  Well he is on his own until he decides he needs the rest of the IMF’s help anyway, and they go on a globe spanning adventure to track down and put an end to this Rogue Nation.

Honestly the stories for the Mission: Impossible movies have always kind of been what has been holding them back from being a top tier action franchise.  They are fine, but pretty generic.  Luckily the action set pieces and the high-tech breaking and entering always keep them entertaining, and there is nothing wrong with being a good popcorn flick.

These movies also serve to remind us that Tom Cruise is pretty good at what he does.  A likable man of action.  He is charismatic and charming on film, and that adds a lot to MI:RN. Rebecca Ferguson the female lead of Rogue Nation was great too.  It was nice to have someone in this movie that was every bit Hunt’s match, and someone who’s allegiances we were never quite sure of.  Apparently Paramount thought she was good too, so they are bringing her back for the sixth film.  Yes there are going to be at least six Mission: Impossible movies.

To wrap-up Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation was a solid action movie and it is worth a watch.  It has talented people spying on stuff, shooting things and driving real fast.  All stuff I enjoy, and I bet you will enjoy it too.  Though I doubt it will be anyone’s favorite movie.