Sword and Chant


Sword and Chant is a fantasy novel by Blair MacGregor.  It is the second novel I have read out of my indie novel bundle, so I paid a little less than a dollar for it. Was it worth it at this lower price?  Yes, but it was not my favorite book.

The book is about a young girl Shala who was raised as Kennem that finds out she is in the line of the Swords.  The Swords’ job is to hold off the banished Calligar god The Chant.  The land is on the brink of war between Calligar and Kennem because The Chant’s people The Exiles hide among the Kennem, and the Calligar want to root them out.  This obviously causes conflict because she now has to side with Calligar, but she mistrusts them.

The author did a wonderful job creating the land, the gods, and the magic system for this book.  It seems like a place that actually exists and that is wonderful, but it is also a book where nothing fun happens, and no one is happy is except for The Chant when people die.  It is just depressing, so it was hard to get through. It may have just been that I was in the wrong mood to read this book, but for me I always like it when at least someone smiles, sometimes.  When there is nothing but gloom then books start to drag for me.

If you are looking for an incredibly detailed world to visit then this is a decent book to try, but for me it was just too depressing to completely enjoy, but it is good to see an indie author writing her books, and getting them out there and in to a lot of hands, and I wish her the best.

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