Hang out with The Duchess of the Shallows


The Duchess of the Shallows is book written by Neil McGarry and Daniel Ravipinto.  It is the third book I have read out of the indie fantasy bundle I got.  They did a good job with this book, and it was a fun read.

The book is about a teenage girl named Duchess that is living on the streets of the fogy city Rodaas in the district known as the Shallows.  She was given a mark, a brass coin with a ‘P’ on it, and she is hoping that it will help her get in with the Gray, a sort of thieves guild.  But in order to cash in the mark and join the Gray she will have to complete an almost impossible task all while staying out of the way of the Red, a militia that takes care of the poor, and the White that takes care of the upper classes, and the Black Arms that are just mainly for hire, but also act as the city guard.

Even though this book features kids on the street, and the things that they have to do to survive, the authors keep a sense of humor, charm, and adventure that keeps this book from being dark and depressing.  It is a good change of pace from the last book I read.

I also appreciate how this book is not a supper grand adventure that if not completed the world will end.  It is just a simple story in a fantasy setting about a girl trying to better herself, and by doing that we get to know the Duchess better, and they also set her up well for future books.

I liked this book a lot and I will be on the lookout for future Duchess of the Shallows books.

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  1. Added to my wishlist on Amazon. Did I every share Scriber by Ben Dobson with you?

  2. Hello Ryan. I’m one of the authors of The Duchess of the Shallows, and I wanted to thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the novel, and I appreciate your support of indie authors.

    The next book in the series, The Fall of Ventaris, will be released August 2013, and if you are interested a “spoiler” chapter is available at:


    Thanks again for reading.

  3. Hi Ryan. A few months ago, you very kindly reviewed “The Duchess of the Shallows”, and I thought I’d let you know that the next book in the series is now available. You can learn more about “The Fall of Ventaris” by visiting:


    Thanks for reading!

    1. Thanks for the update man! I will have to check it out. I moved this to the review for Duchess, so other people that are interested can look in to it too.

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