Get Lost in Strange Places

Strange Places

Strange Places is a fantasy book written by Jefferson Smith.  If you haven’t heard of him, you are probably not alone since he seems like a fairly new author, and I got the book by buying an indie book package deal, so that for ten dollars I got twelve books, and three dollars went to help young authors.  So is my eighty three cent book any good?  I think so.

The book is about a young orphan named Tayna (not Tanya like my head kept translating it).  She is in a horrible orphanage, and told that she is unlovable, so she does her best to take care of her fellow orphans until she meets an evil looking Lord, and a creepy guy in pink rain coat and pants, and is transported to a magical forest.

I know an orphan that finds out she might be magical and is kind of a big deal is not the most original story ever told, but it is different enough from that other magical orphan so that you are not always drawing comparisons.  Jefferson Smith shows his talent here too.  He makes the world and the characters believable, and it is a fun read.  Tayna specifically is really well written and is a great protagonist.

Like many fantasy books this is just the first one in a series, so a lot of this book is just introducing the characters, building the world, and showing how the magic systems works, but it still manages to be entertaining.  It does leave on a cliff hanger, and I usually prefer to have books at least have some feel of wholeness, or at least have the rest of the books ready to go.

Stange Places isn’t perfect but it is a good read, and I have seen it around for a dollar or less.  If you are looking for a good fantasy book, then this just might be your ticket.  It can be found on Amazon.

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