Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Just Got A Major Update! … Wait What?


‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords’ (nice short title there) turned ten on the PC this year, and it hasn’t had a major update in almost as long, but imagine my surprise when I looked in my Steam queue and there it was getting a 175 MB patch.  It is a great update too.  It includes widescreen support, save sync, Steam Achievements, a few bug fixes, modern controller support, and last but definitely not least mod support through Steam Workshop.

The widescreen support was a great addition since before you had to play the game in windowed mode for the game to run on a widescreen monitor, but the mod support is what really makes this update special because now to get all the unlocked content in the Restored Content Mod all you have to do is subscribe to it.  It pretty much makes the unofficial patch official.  Who knows maybe they will in the next update (we only have to wait ten years to find out).

If you didn’t play this game when it came out because it was a broken mess (who can blame you), there has never been a better time.  Also since this game is always on sale it will probably only set you back a couple of bucks.  It is great to see old games like this get fixed.  I guess it is time to finish that Light Side play though I have always be meaning to get back to.