DC And Hoopla Are A Match Made In Heaven!


When my local library system got Hoopla I didn’t pay much attention to it.  It had a small number of books, and the movie and TV sections were worse.  It slowly got better, but I still never went back to the App.  That has all changed now however.  DC Comics and Hoopla signed an agreement, so now a lot of DC’s digital trade paperback length comic books are now showing up on the site, and they say a lot more are to come.  If you have never read any of the New 52, now is a great time to start since you can read a lot of them for free.  Which is a pretty great price.  They also have a good selection of older series as well like Neil Gaiman’s landmark Sandman.

I am not sure what the library’s game is here, maybe they never want me to go back to their buildings?  Whatever the case, reading free comic books thanks to their agreement with Hoopla is wonderful.  If you haven’t tried it out, you really should.  Provided you have the right hardware unlike The Paladin.