Shmee’s Most Anticipated Games For 2015!

Well this is kind of fun, two of my games for 2015 are on my most anticipated games for 2014 as well.  That is the way the video games business works though, and I would rather see them delayed and be good then be like the rushed messes of this year.  So here are my most anticipated games for 2015!

5: Tom Clancy’s The Division


This was my number one game for 2014, but the fact that Ubisoft has been dropping the ball lately made me move this game down the list a bit for this year.  Still it is an open world current day RPG, and that sounds amazing!

4: Quantum Break


The guys behind Max Payne and Alan Wake are making a game where you can control time not just slow it down.  This seems like a natural progression, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  They don’t have a firm release date for this game, so it may turn up on my top games for 2016 list next year, but I am still excited none the less.

3: The Witcher 3


The Witcher 3 moved two spots up the list this year, and the reason is that not only is it open world now, but it also has multiple playable characters!  It is about time, and I think this is the year The Witcher is going to become one of the premier PRG franchises.

2: Batman Arkham Knight


The Batman games are some of my favorite of all time, and this is Rocksteady’s last time working with the Dark Knight.  In this game you will have all Batman’s tools to work with including the Batmobile, so this should be one to remember!

1: Halo 5


The Chief is back, and he is bring back the multiplayer that everyone enjoyed.  With a few tweaks of course!  This should be the Halo game we have been waiting for, and for 343 Industry’s sake I hope so!  Halo 5 might be the biggest game of 2015!

There is my list, and it should be another good year for gaming!  There are also a number of indie titles coming out that just didn’t quite make the list, but still even more reason to be excited.  What are you wanting to play next year?

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