Shmee.Me Turns 4!

Four years ago today Shmee.Me went live to the world.  I had no idea I would be able to keep up the site for this long.  It has been a lot of fun, and I think I have accomplished my main goal of increasing my writing skills.  Heck, I even wrote a terrible book!  I am currently working on the second one.  The world needs more terrible books.

Throughout the four years, 1,053 post have been published, and 31,677 people have visited my site.  While it is true that most of those people are the same people visiting from different devices, it is still pretty cool to think how many people a personal blog can reach.  I mean check out the map below it shows where all my visitors are connecting from:


I almost got at least one visitor from every country.  There are a few straggler nations out there, but I will get them eventually.

The site’s most popular post was my casting predictions for Wonder Woman.  I was wrong of course, but that didn’t stop 1,411 people from seeing who I thought would twirl the magic lasso.  The least popular was Will Ferrell singing the Star Trek theme.  Only one person, besides me, stopped by my site to watch Will Ferrell destroy that famous tune.

To all of you who continue to check out my site, THANK YOU!  If you are new to Shmee.Me, look around, and I hope you will come back again.  If there is ever anything you would like me to write about please let me know.  Now let’s see if I can keep this up for another four years!