Season Two Of Jessica Jones Is Both Better And Worse Than Season One

Season One of Jessica Jones was pretty dang good, and it had one of the best villains in the MCU (which they keep insisting the Netflix Marvel shows are a part of).  While season one kind of explained why Jessica was a grumpy drunk, they really didn’t get in to it.  Season two takes a deep dive in to Jessica’s past.  Since her memory is sketchy at best, we figure out her origins with her as she investigates them.  It is not a happy trip down memory lane.

Had they just stuck to the Jessica stuff, things would have been excellent, but sadly season two has an irritating Trish Walker ‘B’ story that is aggravating to watch.  Every time she is on screen she is doing something dumb.  Which was true in season one as well, but they really amped up the annoying for her this season.  Additionally, Netflix has this strange need to make their Marvel shows thirteen episodes long, and this season would have been much better had they cut out at least three episodes.

Figuring out where Jessica is from makes Jessica Jones Season Two well worth watching, unfortunately the show takes a dive almost any time she is not on screen.  Good side characters are a requirement for a long running series, and so far almost all the Marvel Netflix shows have no one other than the main character we care about, and this is becoming a problem.  Maybe they can just clone Foggy or something.  Regardless, I still enjoyed season two quite a bit, and it had some of the series’ greatest moments, but it is bogged down by all side stories.  I hope they can figure this out for future seasons.