Pokémon Go Is The Pokémon Game We Have Been Waiting For!


Nintendo’s first smartphone game is a raging success, and they shouldn’t be that surprised.  Twenty years ago Nintendo launched a video game, card game, and cartoon show about roaming around and capturing Pokémon, and now all those kids that played and watched Pokémon when it came out have grown up and got smart phones.  Thanks to those phones they now get to actually roam around and capture Pokémon.  It is twenty years of dreams coming true in a small way.  Kids and adults hitting the streets in small packs trying to fill out their PokéDex’s.

While there isn’t a lot of game in Pokémon Go, you pretty much just swipe, there is a feeling of adventure and accomplishment wandering around to new places and adding the little guys to your collection.  Not to mention the sense of community that Pokémon Go is building.  You can just talk to random people in the grocery store and ask them if there are any good ‘Mons around, and they will know what you are talking about and no doubt tell you where they got their last critter.

While Pokémon Go is shallow gameplay-wise compared to all the new Pokémon video games, this is the game people have been waiting for twenty years.  It is the fulfilment of a concept Nintendo has created and maintained for decades.  We all get to be Ash hunting through the forest looking for just one more Pokémon to add to our collection.  Now if only Nintendo would release the game on Windows 10 Mobile so I could stop stealing my wife’s phone I would be truly happy.

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