//Sobbing Noises// Pacific Rim 2 May Be Canceled…//Continues Sobbing//


This has been a hard week.  There have been some difficulties at work, and now this.  I can barely bring myself to type the words: Pacific Rim 2 has been put on hold indefinitely and may be canceled.  What is wrong with this world!  We were this close (imagine my fingers really close together) to getting a movie about giant robot proliferation!  “Giant robot proliferation” might be the greatest thing I have ever typed.  I mean I want to just keep typing it (giant robot proliferation).  Nuclear proliferation might be questionable, but giant robot proliferation is a defense that I think we can all get behind.  A movie about it?  Even freaking better!

I guess I need to hold out hope until there is more to go on, but the picture that The Hollywood Reporter paints isn’t pretty.  This movie needs to happen.  I will get a big hat and we can all put money in it to fund this film independently.  If 190 million of us all just give a dollar we should be good.  Well at least Crimson Peak comes out soon, so I can get my Guillermo del Toro fix that way, but creepy gothic horror is no substitute for giant robot proliferation.  Anyway I think I need some alone time…