Non Humans Are On The Loose!


AMC’s first short season of Humans has come to a close, and I have to say it was pretty great overall, though if you as ask me (you didn’t, but this is my blog, so I asked me) the last episode fell kind of flat.  Had they ended on episode seven it would left the show in a much more interesting place.  Though I understand that they needed to kind of put a bow on everything just in case Humans was not renewed.  Which it has, and I think that is fantastic.  More quality TV to waste away those long hot summer nights.

I am kind of hoping that Humans does feature some sort of robot revolution at some point.  It would be kind of interesting to watch man’s own creation doom them.  We will see how it turns out for the automatons next year.  It can only get better for them, I can feel it (it will get worse).